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Work Experience:

Urban Posting (Nine months)
Medicine & Allied 3 mths
Surgery & Allied 3 mths
Obstetrics& Allied 3 mths

Community & Rural Posting (Three months, Baramati, Maharashtra) Assisted various family planning operation & took active part in creating health awareness with routine daily OPD’S.

HOUSE POST: 1974 (One year)
Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
L. T. M. G. Hospital SION Mumbai – 400 022.

Consultant: Dr. D. D. Sathe M.D., Dr. J. H. Fonseca M.D.

HOUSE POST: 1975 (Six months)
Department Of Peadiatrics
L. T. M. G. Hospital, SION, Mumbai – 400 022.

Consultant: Dr. V.B.Athavale M.D.